Now that November has hit everyone wants to know if they can use a vintage rug in an entranceway. Will it hold up to snow/slush/rain/dirt? I’m in Ontario and we get alll the weather, and most of my clients do as well. So let’s talk about it.

The majority of the rugs I sell are vintage Turkish rugs, and I lean towards lighter faded colours. So the reality is they will show dirt faster than something more saturated and perhaps with a higher pile, like maybe a Persian. Now that doesn’t mean they aren’t sturdy, durable, and relatively easy to clean - because they are (more on that in a future post). But they will show dirt a bit faster. If you live in a warmer climate and don’t deal with snow or rain - congratulations you can put your rugs just about anywhere. In face my friend in Cali even keeps a Persian rug outside her front entrance. (my head kind of exploded when she told me that)

This doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a rug (or rugs) into your entrance ways, you definitely can, I just don’t recommend them being right up by the door where you have no choice but to step on it immediately coming in the door. There’s a few ways to make them happen and warm up your entryway for the messier weather months.

Go Jute. I love a sisal/jute rug for durability and also layer ability. You can go big with a jute and layer on a vintage rug - of any size really - away from the immediate entranceway. Give space for getting in the door, drying off shoes/boots before starting your vintage rug if that’s the way you go. Here’s some inspo photos from Pinterest for jute options in your entrance;


If you’re looking for a jute or sisal rug check the usual sources - Wayfair, Ikea, Amazon. I also love using these kinds of rugs to layer a vintage rug on top of. If you fall in love with a rug but feel like maybe the room needs a bigger piece to pull it all together you can get the room sized jute rug and layer the vintage on top of it. I’m working on another blog post to display some epic layering ideas for rugs so stay tuned for that one also.