'Custom Rug Search' is the most viewed page on my website, but for all of it's views, rug searches aren't engaged as often as they probably should be. So when is the right time/circumstance to engage in a search? And what does it entail?

 Haley and her husband are clients of mine who needed a few room sized rugs for their new house. I had what then needed for runners and other spaces but for the Bedroom, Dining Room, and Family room they needed some very large options. A perfect occasion for a' CRS'. I sourced a few different options for them and they were able to pick from them to curate their space exactly how they wanted, and I took care of the rest.


As a small business my inventory is limited, I have new product arriving regularly and it's always changing but I may not have a deep selection of exactly what you're looking for at any given time. Larger rugs especially take up a lot of room so I almost always keep room sized rugs for custom orders only, so that you're getting exactly what you want when you want it.


We were able to work with current inventory to find some other runners and smaller rugs for their other spaces.


Rug searches are ideal if you know what you're specifically looking for AND it's a style/size/colour that's popular and sells out rapidly every time, OR is a specialty size, OR if you need a few pieces to work together. In these instances engaging in a Custom Rug Search is the best option. It's only $50 and you get that credited back towards the purchase of your rug(s). 

If you DON'T know exactly what you need, or you would like help figuring out size/colour/style then you may be better off with  a Design Consultation.  This is basically like a custom rug search but with the Designer involvement. I can help you determine size/colour palette/style and we can work through different options together, sourcing is included with your Design Consultation.

More information on both options can be found here.

Click through for more information on what else is involved, and If you have any questions or aren't sure which option is the best route for you, I'm always here to help.