Meet Melissa

I started working in the fashion industry at the ripe 'ol age of 14 and didn't fully exit it for another 20+ years. I started off modelling as a teen, studied makeup artistry in college and dabbled in that and then a couple of years later finally followed my heart into Fashion Design. I held various jobs in the industry and worked with and for many household brands. Most notably would be my years with Lululemon, where I had the distinct pleasure of designing two new categories for them, swim and full support bras. Most famously - the TaTa Tamer.  I also opened their first Design 'Lab' in Vancouver, hiring promising designers out of design school and creating a funnel for them to develop careers on the main design and development teams. I continued on working with well known household brands in swim, undergarment and seamless technologies until I had my first baby. I ended up staying home with kids and designing and managing renovations in our own homes for the next number of years.

And then one day, searching for something new to learn, I signed up for an Intro to Upholstery class through Sheridan College’s Continuing Education program. At the time I just wanted to learn how to update some pieces we already had and having a few hours out of the house without kids and working with my hands, it seemed like a win-win situation. The response I had to my finished piece was unexpected and I started getting a lot of requests for quotes to makeover antiques for friends and family. And that's essentially how this all started.

I’ve always loved working with my hands. I lived on my own for many years and early in my career, on a tight budget, I learned how to refurbish and reinvent items for around the home with a little creativity and a lot of paint. I love colours, textiles, prints, and patterns, and I’ve been drawn to antiques for as long as I can remember. Refurbishing old furniture, hand picking vintage and antique rugs, and sourcing other sustainable and stylish home decor just sort of made sense.

I am passionate about using old things in new spaces. I love expressing myself in my home with the character only found in antique and vintage pieces. I believe that the things we surround ourselves with should be meaningful. I respect the heritage, history, and the craftsmanship of the pieces I work with. I’m driven to keep these amazing items out of attics, basements, and most importantly, landfills.

So here we are. Giving new life to old pieces, and making them work in modern spaces.

Oh - and the name? My maiden name is Content.  I've used it throughout my career and had no idea what 'content' had become in the land of social media. It seems like the obvious choice for my new little business at the time, that's what you get for starting all over again in your 40's I guess.

Furniture, fashion, rugs, home decor, and sustainability... i’m all about it.