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This lush, high pile, super soft and fleecy rug is made of 100% sheep's wool specific to the Berber mountains in Morocco. These dense wool rugs are comfortable, warm, and also do an incredible job of softening sound. These rugs are surprisingly easy to spot clean and don't require much more than regular vacuuming to stay beautiful. 

5'8" X 3'10"

Hand knotted by Beni Ouarain tribes, who are famous for creating large-sized rugs that are densely woven, mostly highly piled, and with incredible attention to detail. Berber tribes use these rugs to keep their floors warm and also as heavy blankets and beds to combat the freezing winters. 

Every hand made Moroccan rug is unique in its colour and design, as it is indicating a Berber woman's creative way of expression, which has genuinely became a piece of modern art. Geometric designs are a signature of Moroccan rugs.

This is a NEW rug (not vintage), it is clean and may shed some extra wool over the first year. Undyed natural wool is used primarily, any dyes used are natural and chosen thoughtfully by the Berber artisan and are usually embedded in their tribal customs.  Please refer to our return policy and cleaning recommendations, both linked at the bottom of every page.

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I am passionate about using old things in new spaces. I love expressing myself in my home with the character only found in antique and vintage pieces. I believe that the things we surround ourselves with should be meaningful. I respect the heritage, history, and the craftsmanship of the pieces I work with. I’m driven to keep these amazing items out of attics, basements, and most importantly, landfills


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