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Vintage Turkish Runner. Lays flat, in excellent condition. Primary colour is soft pink, grey, and ivory.

11’9” x 3’2.5”

Vintage Turkish Taspinar. Low thick pile, soft and floppy. High quality wool that gives Tapinar rugs a soft rich sheen. Taspinar rugs generally feature a mix of floral motifs and geometric designs creating some of what is considered the most attractive carpets in Turkey.

Primary colours are Beige and Pink with neutral accents.

4’10” x 8’7”

Why choose us?

Small choices, big impact

I am passionate about using old things in new spaces. I love expressing myself in my home with the character only found in antique and vintage pieces. I believe that the things we surround ourselves with should be meaningful. I respect the heritage, history, and the craftsmanship of the pieces I work with. I’m driven to keep these amazing items out of attics, basements, and most importantly, landfills


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